2012 State of the Union

There are a number of compelling State of the Union visualizations online that highlight President Obama’s most commonly used words and themes, the time in the speech during which they were used, and how they compare to his past speeches. 

One of the most compelling, from NPR’s State Impact, features a word cloud of the President’s speech compared with a word cloud of the Republican Response, delivered by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels.

Here is the State of the Union:

Easily, the biggest words are American, America, and jobs.  A few others that pop out are tax, get, and energy.  The biggest focus of the President’s speech, the economy, is clearly visible through this word cloud.

This is Governor Daniels’ response:

Here, we see Americans, Republicans, and government pop out, with national, wrong, and must as close seconds.  Predictably, Governor Daniels focuses on the Republican strategy for addressing the President’s proposals.

For those of you who watched the State of the Union, did the featured words surprise you?