A Few of Our Favorite Thanksgiving Memories

As the feast-acular holiday draws near, our studio is buzzing with conversations of green bean casserole anticipation and nostalgic family memories. So it seemed appropriate to share a few of our favorite Thanksgiving traditions and dishes. Interestingly enough, no one picked Turkey. Turns out we have quite the sweet tooth…


  • Favorite Dish: my mom’s sweet potato casserole souffle with brown sugar and pecans
  • Favorite Tradition: that it is socially acceptable to eat until you need a nap.. and then wake up and eat again.


  • Favorite Dish: pecan pie
  • Favorite Memory: the smells from my Grandma’s cooking — she would wake up early and the house would be full of deliciousness all day!


  • Favorite Dish: pecan pie
  • Favorite Tradition: sitting around the turkey fryer outside in the cool, crisp air and catching up with family.


  • Favorite Dish: mashed potatoes — in general
  • Favorite Tradition: when I was in kindergarden we made those brown bag turkeys.. the kind with construction paper feathers and I gave it to my Grandma. Even now, 18 years later, she still brings it out for Thanksgiving (even though the paper has aged quite a bit..)


  • Favorite Dish: pecan pie.. and our family concoction, cornbread sticks
  • Favorite Tradition: early mornings with our dogs. (i.e. Riley, below, who just needs his morning coffee.)


  • Favorite Dishbaked stuffed mushrooms
  • Favorite Tradition: we do a ‘deer walk’ on Thanksgiving day at Castle Hill (in Ipswitch, MA).. but to be honest, the only reason my sister and I still go is for the cider donuts at the end.


  • Favorite Dish: sweet potato casserole or pecan pie
  • Favorite Memory: A few years ago I was “banished” to the kids table with my cousin and two of my friends who were “orphans” that year. Before dinner was even served, we were laughing so hard at our table that we were getting looks from some of the “grown-ups” and my dad and my uncle decided to move over to our table because we were way more fun. To this day the mention of a “toilet snorkel” will send my friend into fits of hysterics.


  • Favorite Dish: my grandmother’s apple pie
  • Favorite Memory: my memories are of Canadian Thanksgiving, but the turkey dinner is the same! My grandmother’s apple pie had a homemade crust that flaked off with your fork.


  • Favorite Dishsweet potatoes with marshmallows
  • Favorite Tradition:  I like dressing my german shepherd for the holidays, at Thanksgiving we dress him up to look like a turkey.


  • Favorite Dish: homemade dressing — with lots of sage!
  • Favorite Memory: as a young kid in Indiana, Thanksgiving meant it was time to go out and cut down our Christmas tree. I also loved cooking with my grandmother and mom, and making hand turkeys, of course!


  • Favorite Dish: cranberry sauce — but only the homemade kind
  • Favorite Tradition: our town’s Turkey Trot. It’s such a fun way to kick off Thanksgiving morning because the whole town comes out.. and then you feel a little less guilty about second or third helpings. Last year my family made the local news…


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