A New Toy for the Designers, a 3D Printing Pen

Though we already have Nerf guns, and a remote control helicopter was spotted around the DC studio last week, soon our studio will have a chance to try our hand with yet another toy, the 3Doodler. A pen that allows drawings (if they can be called that) to be constructed in three dimensions, the 3Doodler was a Kickstarter project we chose to support. The team behind this innovation, WobbleWorks, more than surpassed their fundraising goals, raising $2.3 million to launch their product.

We’ve written about 3D printers before, but this product functions as a tiny, portable and inexpensive alternative. As a preview of the device on Wired explained:

“The 3Doodler is basically a handheld version of the extrusion element found in most… 3-D printers with some much needed heat shielding and an ergonomic grip. Imagine a hot glue gun, but shaped like very thick marker with the ability to print a fine line of plastics.”


The project has already far exceeded its fundraising goals, and a commercial release is expected by the end of the year. In a video released by WobbleWorks, users are shown “drawing” sculptures and structures.

The pens can dispense two different types of plastic, ABS and PLA. 3Doodlers should be shipping within the month so, soon enough, we’ll be making 3D models from nothing but a pen — though who knows if we’ll be skilled enough to make an Eiffel tower. What would you make first?

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