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A Year to Date

Today marks the one year anniversary of a world without Steve Jobs.  As a Magateer working in an Apple oriented office where MacBooks, iPhones and iPods are commonplace, I personally measure his overall impact on how his products have changed my life.  Before working at Maga I spent some time working in an Apple store in Ohio and in DC.  I was hired by Apple during the same time Steve Jobs announced his fight with cancer and that he would be stepping down from his position as CEO.  I was also at the Apple store on the day he died.  There was an outpouring of people who created a shrine at the front of the store from their old computers, devices, photographs and apples in memorial and respect.

Today’s infographic reminds us what Steve Jobs did for technology and his numerous achievements.  Regardless of personal preferences for Mac or PC, Android or iPhone, today we commemorate a visionary.

Infographic via InfographicWorld

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