Are you going Google?

Apple’s recent iCloud announcement is yet another sign of the movement towards cloud computing and a mobile workforce.  Google is obviously the biggest player in this realm, and its new tool can show you what your company could be saving and accomplishing it if had “Gone Google” instead of using the more traditional Microsoft platform.

The opening page asks for your company name:

Let’s use a fictional company, “NewCo,” and assume that 10 people work there.  The site tells you that you could save X number of hours, have Y amount more email storage space, and other important factors to take into the consideration of transitioning to a mobile workforce.

As you click through the tool, each new fact about what Google can do for your business is illustrated with an image and clear, colorful text.  Some of the facts and figures have accompanying animation, such as balls of wadded up paper (see below) or spinning clock hands.

For example:

NewCo would save 278 hours a year with automatic updates.  This number may seem low, but as you increase the company size, the savings increase.  Let’s assume NewCo had 100 employees.  Now it would save 2,781 hours.

At the end, the app produces an infographic poster outlining all of the benefits NewCo would gain from switching to Google.  For the 10 person company, here is the final infographic:

Pretty impressive savings, compellingly illustrated by Google’s aesthetically pleasing signature visuals.

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