Map O’ The Day #31 – Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea


Today’s selection comes from either Conde Nast Traveler, or John Grimwade, and is a well proportioned look of the trip to where tectonic plate activity has allowed for the Earth’s molten core to penetrate ocean bottom.

It’s a little bit on the textbook side of things stylistically, but I find that it is an example of one of principles to which Maga adheres to, specifically, using systems of maps to present a variety of important views on a subject. This type of systems thinking allows an individual to understand the information on a variety of levels, from the strategic to the tactical, as well as subsequently becoming empowered to make more informed decisions, which leads to increased impact with upon acting.

Map O’ The Day #30 – Transportation


Today’s Map O’ the Day is all about “getting around”, or the different modes of transportation and some usage statistics regarding the select types. It was designed by the folks at International Networks Archive, a group out of Princeton University and presents some pretty interesting statistics including my favorite tidbit: the fact that the rise of mega yachts has been 214% since 1996.

A neat aspect of this presentation is the use of actual transportation methods to display the information.

Map O’ The Day #29 – Czech Beer Map


In thinking about how best to conclude the “food” themed week for Map O’ The Day, I landed on a map that has a subject matter near and dear to my heart. Specifically, Czech beer. This shows a comprehensive view of all the excellent breweries in the land of beer. I believe this map was created by the Czech government as a travel guide.

While the design of this map isn’t spectacular, keep in mind that today is the 75th anniversary of the repeal of prohibition, so go out and have a beer to celebrate. You can even fly to the Czech Republic and find yourself a brewery if you’re so inclined!!

Map O’ The Day #28 – Water Wars


Another map from the International Networks Archive via Princeton U that presents some interesting views on the world’s water supply as well as current and future usage. Pretty amazing to think that even in the modern world that 7 people die every minute globally from a lack of clean water.

This map utilizes one of the Maga mapping principles, namely, using a system, or multiple views of information to understand the landscape. See the far right side to understand this chronological system which is depicting the evolution of the clean water issue.

Gotta love anything with toy soldiers in the design, and a strong use of color and image [silhouette] to provide bold emphasis on the usage by continent figures.

Map O’ The Day #27 – Sch’mokin


So while cigarettes aren’t really food (theme for this week), I suppose to some they pass for a meal! This is another map from International Networks Archive (Princeton U), and like yesterday’s McBucked map, I think this map is wildly successful in it’s presentation.

The global tobacco smuggling trade, and it’s accompanying logistics are front and center, but if you examine the map, that information set is not the true purpose of this image. In a very “Tuftesque” (think Napoleon Invasion Map), they’ve created a very powerful anti-smoking message by framing the world tobacco trade map with compelling reasons to not smoke cigarettes.

Particularly interesting to me was the use of actual photography in the chemicals section on the far left to provide shock factor at cigarettes negative ingredients. That decision is applying one of the major principles of maps: POWER. As mapping guru Robert Karrow Jr. puts it, “Maps have an undeniable way of expressing knowledge of, mastery of, and control over the environments they depict.”

We should all be striving to exude this type of authority over our own subject matters!