Map O’ The Day #26 – McBucked

So, in sticking with the food theme this week, (like we need anymore reminders to gorge ourselves around the holidays), I’ve attached this excellent map / info graphic regarding Starbucks and McDonalds, which I found on the Princeton website.

Pay particular attention to the fact that McDonalds, while being currently ranked worse in customer satisfaction, is still bringing in gross sales larger than the GDP of Afghanistan!

There’s a strong use of shape in this graphic that instantly allows a viewer to understand proportion for both Starbucks supply and McDonalds restaurant distribution. Not an overwhelming amount of information, which is a positive in this case because it allows a strong representational presentation of key storytelling elements for both the Burger and Latte giants! Enjoy.

Map O’ The Day #24 – Turkey Trail


So, it’s not quite Thanksgiving, but I thought I’d send this out in the spirit of the oncoming holiday.


This map is a lifecycle of a turkey, well at least of a domesticated turkey. I think the imagery is very strong, and for some folks serves as a reminder of why they are vegetarians! It’s interesting that the illustrator has used such childlike design to represent the systematic slaughter and consumption of a quite tasty creature!

Map O’ The Day #2 – Views Of Manhattan

NYC – Any and every American city is built up out of Avenues and Streets, most of them numbered. A much nicer way to describe a city is by mapping its neighborhoods. As in this map of Manhattan.

Manhattan – A variation on Map #2a done by Alexander Cheek. The differences between these two maps indicate that neighborhoods in Manhattan are ‘fluid’, and constantly evolving.