SPARC: Hackathon 3D

This past weekend Maga Design teamed up with SPARC to help host the 3rd annual Hackathon. The 3D themed event included presentations, guest speakers, food, drinks, and games while the 34 participating teams of software engineers tirelessly worked to create the best mobile app. Maga Design offered support by providing creative team name cards for tables, certificates for winning teams, maps of event locations, and a 36”x72” Info-graphic Map reflecting the history of 3D.

This event brought together imaginative teams of hackers from across the country to show off their skills in a colorful setting. Teams were adorned with vibrant costumes and represented themselves with creative titles. In the end, Team App Life 3 left with the title of Best in Show and the $2,000 cash prize. Congratulations App Life 3!

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immersion: MIT’s new interactive e-mail analysis tool

Last week, MIT Media Lab released a new online tool, “Immersion”. The interactive tool allows users to track their own online presence in a way similar to that of NSA and PRISM. Immersion enables users to view all of their past connections since the activation of their accounts and associate them in a simplified visual way. Talk about a trip down memory lane! Continue reading immersion: MIT’s new interactive e-mail analysis tool

What’s up with Facebook’s Graph Search?

The Facebook “Graph Search,” released in January was released to the public on Monday. Searching for people has never been easier… or creepier.  Like Google search, the new Facebook search has the ability to plow through seemingly endless data to find exactly what you’re looking for, or in this case, who you are looking for.

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Digital Life Fragmentation

When most people consider “fragmenting” they think of scattered files that slow down their computer. With everything becoming digital, this problem has become a part of life in respect to all personal files. Music, movies, documents, and even friends have become scattered into different media platforms. Humor blog, Doghouse Diaries has made a hobby out of breaking it down for us with comedic visualizations. Still, it’s exhausting to really wrap your mind around when there are so many different locations in which media could be stored, and the chart we feature today only covers some of the locations.

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Finally, Airless Tires

The days getting a flat tire might finally be over. Vehicle company, Polaris, is now experimenting with a new airless offering. The military has been trying out the new tire design for off-roading, but now some of the bigger tire companies like Michelin and Bridgestone are also working on similar designs. It’s about time they hit the market!

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