Map O’ The Day #210 – Emotions And Facial Expressions

Today’s MOTD was created by Joumana Medlej from Beirut, Lebanon. The graphic shows the different facial expressions one can make and why they are made. Joumana probably made this graphic from the extensive cartoon illustration experience she displays on her website,

Map O’ The Day #208 – Consol Energy Center Parking

Today’s MOTD is a true map but it provides informational elements as well that can save you some money if you are heading to the new Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh. This map was created by Bob Firth. He has many other hand maps of Pittsburgh at his website, If you live in the area give a click over to his page and buy his Pittsburgh Cheat Sheets book, only 6.95, coming out on August 31st and learn some tricks and secrets to a handful of things.

Click here for the full resolution .pdf

As a side note this map would have been perfect for last Thursday when I had tickets to attend Paul McCartney’s opening night concert. Alas I couldn’t find the time to get to Pittsburgh from DC. I gave my friend the ticket and he said the arena was awesome, specifically commenting on the massive output from the HVAC units.

Map O’ The Day #205 – Extraordinary McDonalds Menu Items

Today’s MOTD, information provided from Medical, is a very fun infographic showing the different menu items that McDonalds offers across the world. Some of the more notable offerings I would be interested in trying were the Maharaja Mac, a burger made with lamb and chicken, the McTurco, turkey fried pita with 2 patties and a pepper sauce and then wash it all down with a beer that is available in Germany.