Map O’ The Day #61 – Ice Age


Today’s MOTD is a powerful example of showing change by comparison over time without utilizing a traditional timeline or graph. This map charts the median age of ice gathered every February from 1981 to January 2009 and compares the data to the median age and amount of ice in February 2009.

Many different conclusions can be made about why the ice is melting, but one cant deny that simply by the authors use of a single color, they captured a dramatic visual discrepancy.

Map O’ The Day #60 – Flu Pandemics


Whatever you name it, H1N1, Swine Flu or Hamthrax, there is no doubt that the virus has reached a pandemic level. While the dangers of contracting H1N1 is very real, the built up hysteria and media coverage it has spurred, rivals that of the avian bird flu of a few years ago.

Today’s map of the day, taken from, highlights past pandemics and statistics based on population deaths. Swine flu is about halfway toward reaching the Avain Flu death count and it is merely a few weeks old (reported cases). More cause for concern was the ‘2003 Unnamed Flu Pandemic’ being cited as very deadly and endemic in Asia. Plus without a name, how do we know which animal put the blame on? I think we should start calling this one the Scapegoat Pandemic…poor little pigs.

Map O’ The Day #59 – Online Piracy


Today’s MOTD focuses mainly on the comparison of top box office figures versus the most illegally download movies. The graphic also provides information about the websites used to download the movies, as well as a few general figures and facts. It’s not surprising that the “Ill wait for it to come out on DVD” movies are the most downloaded.

I also found it interesting that was the most used torrent website. In light of all of the recent PirateBay prosecution, one would think that they would top the list. Mininova, on the other hand is still healthy and thriving. Different laws in Sweden than the Netherlands i guess. (Please comment if you know)

Another statistic that caught my eye was that 47 billion dollars worth of software was pirated. You don’t hear too much from the software industry about piracy because they like to try and outsmart the pirate. They would rather shell it out than admit they are wrong or ‘out gunned’, while the RIAA is disproportionally vocal.