Communicating Meaning in Data

In a recent HBR Blog,  presentation expert Nancy Duarte advised that “when presenting your data, get to the point fast.”  Her point is that showing off your own data on slides — typically in the ever present medium of Power Point — “puts you at an immediate disadvantage because, people can’t pull the numbers closer in for a closer look, or take time to digest them as they would in a report or a white paper.” Continue reading Communicating Meaning in Data

Checking in on the Noun Project

Creating, Sharing and Celebrating the World’s Visual Language: The Noun Project likes to remind us that we, humans, have been using symbols to communicate for over 17,000 years because they are one of the few languages everyone can comprehend.  This particular non-profit collective has set about building a global visual language that everyone can understand.  

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Are Faces Maps of Emotion?

Work is never just about work.  It is also, more importantly, about the people you work with.  At Maga Design we’ve been lucky, even blessed, to work with many special and talented people.  Juraj, one of our senior designers, epitomizes the best of our culture.  He is a great designer and an even greater person.

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