Beat the Heat

Sometimes the Maga Rooftop is just not enough to beat the heat.  As temperatures reach a balmy 100 degrees here in D.C., Magateers retreat inside to work.  On today’s schedule is the interaction between people and technology.  The technical name for this idea is the socio-technical systems model.  The concept is very complex but interesting when applied to different industries.

Socio-Technical Center- Leeds University Business School 

How does this apply to Maga, one may wonder.

There are many social and technical aspects of how our society function.  The term society can refer to society as a whole and society as a small sphere of collaboration, like your job.  How upset would you be if your computer broke down at the office today? If you’re anything like us, we would be very upset.  These interactions is the focus of this model.  It targets people and technology in the work place, in addition to social and technical aspects that dictate how we do our jobs, interact with one another and incorporate new technologies into our lives.  It also encompasses physical and non-physical technological interactions and dependencies, like the relationships we build.  These levels of interaction pertain to Maga on both tangible and intangible levels because these relationships are what we want to understand and visualize in our maps.

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