Bending, Twisting, and Rotating TV

Imagine a world where not being able to see the TV is no longer an issue. Nowadays, people often go to great lengths to set up their living rooms or bedrooms in a way that minimizes TV obstruction. Soon, though, this might not be a problem!

Samsung recently unveiled its latest patent for TV’s — and, you might’ve guessed it, it’s a bending television! Similar to changing the channels or volume, there will be controls that bend and rotate the TV to however the viewer desires. While one legitimate concern might be that bending would distort the picture or resolutions, Samsung has designed the new OLCD screen in a way that eliminates these issues.

Bending TVMashable recently reported:

Samsung unveiled its new F8000 smart TV at this year’s CES in January, placing an emphasis on its personalized recommendation engine, voice commands, and social media integration. If this patent ever becomes a reality, Samsung could customize the TV experience in a new way by focusing on hardware, rather than just tailoring content based on a viewer’s taste.

In an era of rapidly evolving ‘smart TVs,’ we can’t wait to see what television innovation will be next!

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