The Consequences of Child-Friendly Touchscreens

As the range of touchscreen offerings grows, there is no doubt that most adults are aware of, or interact with the resulting increase of advertising. But what about children? WSJ’s Anton Troianovski published an article today that draws attention to the somewhat disconcerting reality of an overwhelming number of children who currently access mobile devices and, subsequently, are vulnerable to advertising.

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Media for the Masses, by the Masses

There are millions of reviews online on everything from doctors to clothing to dog breeds.  These reviews are often written by the average consumer who wanted to document a good or bad purchasing experience.  This movement toward media being controlled by the individual consumer is a very recent social phenomenon called groundswell that has been featured in a book called Groundswell by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff. Continue reading Media for the Masses, by the Masses

Are you going Google?

Apple’s recent iCloud announcement is yet another sign of the movement towards cloud computing and a mobile workforce.  Google is obviously the biggest player in this realm, and its new tool can show you what your company could be saving and accomplishing it if had “Gone Google” instead of using the more traditional Microsoft platform. Continue reading Are you going Google?