The ABCs of Maga: A is for “All-Nighter”

If we have done anything in the past (almost) 5 years at Maga, it has been to establish a unique kind of personality and culture.  Founded in the Affinity Lab space in Adams Morgan, Maga’s culture is based on the notion that a creative firm in DC must operate in all kinds of environments (many not that creative), partnerships, customers etc.  We worked hard at the lab, and then later in our own space, to build a company that is dedicated, team-oriented, fun loving…an alternative to the larger, more corporate environments that are strewn across the beltway in the Metro DC region.  We wanted to cultivate a local, walk-to-work mentality, where people would have a bit of the ‘third place’ to find their passion. Continue reading The ABCs of Maga: A is for “All-Nighter”

Map O’ The Day #116 – Customer Experience Wheel


Today’s MOTD is a powerful model of customer experience tracking in the airline industry. Developed by Lego, it details the steps of obtaining a plane ticket, flying, and exiting the destination airport.

The graphic asks the question, “how can this be a positive experience” at each action point. By asking this question, powerful insights can be gained about what is important to the customer and how to keep them flying on your airline. Also, by analyzing this data, the creators found the “make or break point” where customer experience is extremely important.

Map O’ The Day #56 – Simple Narrative

From DTN, or designing the news, a group which specializes in visually editings the headlines or “representing news headlines by replacing the words with symbols, while maintaining the message”, hails MOTD #56.

The philosopher in me enjoys open-ended questions, and I feel that this approach to news headlines allows for a reader to draw conclusions based on their own experiences and opinions rather than have to digest those viewpoints of journalists.

Also, the use of imagery always boosts info. retention, so it’s quite possible that a viewer would strike up conversation about a news headline employing this approach as opposed to a linear text based message somewhere else in the paper.

Be sure to check out the images without the titles and you’ll realize they may not even be necessary to communicate the message!