The ABCs of Maga: A is for “All-Nighter”

If we have done anything in the past (almost) 5 years at Maga, it has been to establish a unique kind of personality and culture.  Founded in the Affinity Lab space in Adams Morgan, Maga’s culture is based on the notion that a creative firm in DC must operate in all kinds of environments (many not that creative), partnerships, customers etc.  We worked hard at the lab, and then later in our own space, to build a company that is dedicated, team-oriented, fun loving…an alternative to the larger, more corporate environments that are strewn across the beltway in the Metro DC region.  We wanted to cultivate a local, walk-to-work mentality, where people would have a bit of the ‘third place’ to find their passion. Continue reading The ABCs of Maga: A is for “All-Nighter”

InfoDesign Speaks: Visual Medical Reports recently published a great example of how information design can enhance our daily lives—even our health!  Most medical test results are presented in a familiarly unimaginative report format, consisting of a page or more of Courier New.  The format, combined with the dense medical jargon, is pretty difficult for the average person to interpret. Continue reading InfoDesign Speaks: Visual Medical Reports

Map O’ The Day #216 – Human Subway Map

Today’s MOTD is really cool and follows in the footsteps of some of our other subway map metaphors. Instead of focusing on movies or music, this one actually has a real purpose and maps the network inside the human body.

Created by Sam Loman, this map shows where in the human body the various transport systems reside. The lines represent veins and muscles and the circles or stations represent major organs and bones.

Map O’ The Day #213 – The Colors Of The Web

Courtesy of my fellow mapping colleague and fellow hardcore cyclist, Andrew Matranga, comes this infographic from The graphic explores the popularity of certain spectrums of color used in the logos and branding in different markets. Alone, we never really notice how the color of a logo of one business compares or contrasts with their competitors, but shown together on this well-crafted infographic, the results are both stunningly beautiful and eye-opening.

Map O’ The Day #170 – Map Of The Future


Today’s MOTD comes to us from WIRED magazine Italia. It was developed and designed by Density Design; Creative direction: Donato Ricci,
Concept: Michele Graffieti, Luca Masud, Mario Porpora, Gaia Scagnetti, Illustration: Michele Graffieti

Because the image is soo large you can download the original from Digital Designs Flickr page, here