Map O’ The Day #162 – Vehicles In Parking Lots


Today’s MOTD comes to us from Brandon Oxendine, a graphic design freelancer and student at Winthrop university. This graphic uses my one of my favorite design elements, blackboarding, to clearly and colorfully show multivariant data relating to everything from the condition, to the color and age of a cross section of vehicles in parking lots.

Truly a well designed infographic. My only comment would be that I would like the 5 images to be bigger and with the percent number inside the each graphic section. This would eliminate the need for the text on the right, while still providing the same amount of information. Oh and the title could be changed to ‘Vehicles’, as it pertains not only to cars…just being picky ;-), great job!

Map O’ The Day #131 – How To Mind Map


Today’s MOTD is truly a gem in terms of content for our board. Paul Foreman, who’s blog and terrific resource located at, created this mind map, mapping how to create a mind map.

You can use his wireframe to mind map anything. You can see other examples of mind maps on our site, but i urge you to check out his site, truly exceptional!

Map O’ The Day #107 – Germany’s 60th


Today’s MOTD was created by Golden Section Graphics for Germany’s 60th birthday celebration since the foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1949.

The original graphic was done in German for a magazine, however in the English version the three graphs have been cut out and arranged.

Es ist ein schones infographik, ja?