Map O’ The Day #105 – Resume Infographic


Today’s MOTD exemplifies what our blog is all about, recognizing the designer of great infographics.

The map in itself is a resume, created by Michael Anderson. It chronicles his education, experience, skill sets and metrics about his daily routine.

The whole graphic works in a system to shape the story of who Michael Anderson is, where he has been and where he would like to go.

This graphic has been reposted to a host of social networking sites and shows the power that information graphics have virally. On Monday, only a few people knew Michael’s skill sets, work history, etc…while, on Wednesday, thousands of people and potential employers know about Michael Anderson!

Map O’ The Day #68 – Sneaker Sketch


Today’s MOTD is a napkin sketch by Michael Ditullo, the design director at Converse Basketball. His sketch of the intended process for conception to completion of a shoe, versus the actual process, is explained through images, callouts and flow arrows. The image, while amusing, is full of information about Converse shoes and the author.
For example, we can determine that Converse shoes are manufactured in China and that Mr. Ditullo is not a teetotaler.