Map O’ The Day #96 – Poverty & The Unequal Distribution Of Wealth


Today’s MOTD was created for a flowing data contest by Luca Masud. You can view his portfolio, uploaded to the Behance Network, here.

The graphic is a multi variant analysis configured into three lanes of information to represent wealth and poverty across the United States. The top chart is a xy graph with Poverty on the Y and GDP on the X. The middle lane is the state name, and the bottom lane is the state location.

Aside from the fact that the data can be considered skewed based on GDP per capita, the overall design of the graphic is fantastic. The reader can easily map their state from the bottom up to find out what ‘disparity’ level they are.

Living in DC I can understand the findings that our city has the highest GDP per capita (small city, large paychecks). It is also not hard to imagine that there is the most poverty from 0-18 when you walk around some of the ‘forgotten’ neighborhoods.

It would be interesting to map the district based on the same values and see if there is a ‘DMZ’ line where there is a clear distinction. Also, I would like to see the same study based on population and not GDP per capita.

Map O’ The Day #65 – Financial Crisis Infographic – Contest Winner

Earlier this year, in light of the global economic downturn,, a collaboration of individuals, businesses and nonprofits pushing the world forward, sponsored a contest for financial crisis infographics to explain the mess we seem to find our collective selves in. The organization offered a prize of $500 dollars for the clearest explanatory graphic, the winner to be selected by a prominent economist.

In this two part explanation, the contest winner, Jonathan Jarvis, utilizes a series of flow diagrams and icons to explain how the subprime mortgage scenarios played an integral part in the collapsing of the markets.

I think you’ll all find that J.Jarvis has effectively used representation and abstraction, as well as an appealing color and line-style palette to convey an accurate portrayal of an inherently complex situation.


Map O’ The Day #35 – Foreclosures

This infographic was published in the New York Times, who created it from sources at First American CoreLogic, LoanPerformance, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the Census Bureau, and provides an excellent look at a poor situation, namely, the foreclosure situation in America.

Much like yesterday’s MOTD, this graphic utilizes multivariate analysis, using both height, color and location in order to show the %’s of subprime mortgage foreclosures in metropolitan areas, as well as the subprime mortgage foreclosures overall.

A key difference in this infographic from yesterday’s is that simple multivariate analysis in a central map wasn’t enough. Rather, the NYT employed a systems of maps to further contextualize the data. If you draw your attention to the bottom right, there are two additional maps depicting the construction boom as well as job loss, which allows a user to draw correlations among data sets.

This is a great example of what Maga Design refers to when discussing a “system of maps” that helps create insights while driving towards outcomes.