Map O’ The Day #38 – Where Is Your Vino Coming From?

This installation of MOTD, was created by Shayna Ayers, a student @ UNC Chapel Hill, under the teachings of world famous Info graphic creator, Alberto Cairo. She has listed her sources at the bottom left of the map.

The map, which captures a wide array of elements pertaining to vino, takes the user through a tour of the Italian wine producing regions. She presents information regarding pure production quantity by region, production by region in regards to quality, (see the map for meaning), recommendations, food pairings, and general facts about vino.

I thought the colors in this were fantastic, with a solid balance of photography, text, and charts/maps. One principle that I think she’s applied with great force is selection. By that I mean, it’s apparent she spent quite a bit of time on the categories or types of information that would assist a user in gaining a fuller understanding of Italian wines. The only thing that might have added further perspective would be displaying global consumption per region, to gain an understanding of $$$’s and notoriety for each region among the consuming global masses.

Map O’ The Day #29 – Czech Beer Map


In thinking about how best to conclude the “food” themed week for Map O’ The Day, I landed on a map that has a subject matter near and dear to my heart. Specifically, Czech beer. This shows a comprehensive view of all the excellent breweries in the land of beer. I believe this map was created by the Czech government as a travel guide.

While the design of this map isn’t spectacular, keep in mind that today is the 75th anniversary of the repeal of prohibition, so go out and have a beer to celebrate. You can even fly to the Czech Republic and find yourself a brewery if you’re so inclined!!

Map O’ The Day #26 – McBucked

So, in sticking with the food theme this week, (like we need anymore reminders to gorge ourselves around the holidays), I’ve attached this excellent map / info graphic regarding Starbucks and McDonalds, which I found on the Princeton website.

Pay particular attention to the fact that McDonalds, while being currently ranked worse in customer satisfaction, is still bringing in gross sales larger than the GDP of Afghanistan!

There’s a strong use of shape in this graphic that instantly allows a viewer to understand proportion for both Starbucks supply and McDonalds restaurant distribution. Not an overwhelming amount of information, which is a positive in this case because it allows a strong representational presentation of key storytelling elements for both the Burger and Latte giants! Enjoy.