Take a Look Inside Our Studio

A few weeks ago one of our fearless graphic facilitation leader, Jim Nuttle, hosted a Magateer training session so our designers and non-designers alike could hone their visual recording skills.  Our friends at Saint Gorilla thoughtfully captured the session and created this short video that demonstrates the process.

Maga Design – Graphic Facilitation Workshop from Saint Gorilla on Vimeo.

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Map O’ the Week: New York Magazine Assist on Action Movies

Last week’s print version of New York Magazine featured a flow chart graphic to assist readers in choosing the summer action movie that best suits their preferences.  The interactive, online version is available here. Continue reading Map O’ the Week: New York Magazine Assist on Action Movies

Map O’ The Day #197 – Top 250 Movies Of All Time


Today’s MOTD comes to us from designer David Honnorat and his blog Vodkaster. In the easily recognizable style of a Metro map, David artfully creates 16 track lines (genres) and maps the top 250 movies along them as stations. The other thing David does is try to create junctions between genres at specific crossover movies. For example, you can ride the comedy line to the Forrest Gump junction and either continue on with comedy or transfer to the movies about tolerance line (both major themes in Forrest Gump). See what other fun connections you can find!

Map O’ The Day #155 – Walsh Coaching Tree


Today’s MOTD is the coaching tree of the creator of the west coast offense and one of the greatest coaches of all time Bill Walsh.

In analyzing the tree, Mike Holmgren’s lineage is probably the strongest but Dennis Green’s tree is making a case bolstered by the most current super bowl winning coach, Mike Tomlin.