What We’re Reading

In addition to the surplus of whiteboard surfaces, reading nooks, call rooms and festive decor (alright, maybe we love everything), one of the most popular features in the new Maga studio space is our library.  The incorporation of design, creative process, business and sociology literature has become an integral source of inspiration for the Maga crew. We’re fortunate that there is no shortage of thoughtful, design minded texts and we look forward to sharing our favorites with you!

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Literature Meets Logo Design

You have probably heard of Game of Thrones, the HBO series created from the books by George R. R. Martin, a fantasy world of families and Houses constantly struggling for and against power, with a few magic elements, as well.  If you are at all familiar with the series, you know that each House (aka family) has its own coat of arms, called a sigil, to which Martin refers in the books.

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Map O’ The Day #89 – How Books Are Made


Today’s MOTD is truly a map of the book making process. This fantastic infographic was made by Funnel Inc, www.funnelinc.com. Their website has many more examples of their work, so please make sure to check out.

The map flows from left to right and highlights the major 9 processes from the sale of the book (idea and text) through the delivery of the final product to retailers. The graphic was created in 2005 and still has some manual process associated with it, like platesetting and color matching. Lately we have heard alot of stories of newspaper and print medium converting to a more digital environment. It would be interesting to compare this process map with a current book process map to see if the system has become more automated.