Map O’ The Day #153 – Heavy Metal Band Name Origins


Todays MOTD, while a bit morbid, is very informational. Created by Doggie Horner for the blog, Comic Vs. Audience, this graphic combines great information design principles (not using boxes around the bullet lists and effective use of white space, to name two), while providing a wide breadth of data around what influenced heavy metal band names.

Map O’ The Day #128 – The Road To Internet Music


Today’s MOTD from is a beautiful illustration of the different ways people choose to download internet music.

The graphic begins taking you down the easiest and most available path, Pay Beach. For those who don’t want to pay for music or are looking for tracks that aren’t available you can continue on the road towards the MP3 Bridge passing by the Corporate Wasteland of those who have spent too much time at Pay Beach.

After the Bridge is the infamous, Legal Hump. The choice to download music illegally is on the user and we can see that on the other side of the mountain are lots of legal alternatives.

According to the graphic, the Muzic, MP34U and MP3Jackpot pyramid is the treasure at the end of the road. Whether or not that is accurate is beyond my knowledge of the subject, but feel free to check the sites out and tell me if they are worth it!