Map O’ The Day #113 – The History Of Metal Music


Today’s MOTD is a mind-map, created by Erie Lestrade, of metal music origins starting in the 1970’s and tracking to the year 2000.

He uses a very comprehensive list of bands from around the world to prove his paths are correct. My only wish was that the graphic was cleaner and that some lines were not going through text.

Map O’ The Day #58 – Bob Dylan’s Mind

Similar to a mindmapping exercise, the author of MOTD #58, Duff McDonald and Vanity Fair, examined central themes, words and messaging gleaned from Bob Dylan’s XM radio show to represent a snapshot into the mind of the legendary American folk artist.

An interesting categorization model that focused more on Dylan’s own lyrical stylings was used to present the findings; a method that draws emotive and familiar connections with anyone familiar with the musicians catalogue.

This methodology translates well into Information Mapping in general, in that, anytime a user can locate themselves within the artifact or material, even if that connection if merely a recollection of past affection for a particular element, the engagement has been magnified immeasurably within the user’s own experience.

Well worth a look through!