Staying up to Date

By the end of the week, sometimes it feels like the quantity of media, articles, emails, text messages and images we’ve absorbed is too much.  Like a sponge, our ability to soak up information is at capacity. So how do you put a filter on media when everything around you is bombarding you with messages? Continue reading Staying up to Date

Pinfluencer: Unleashing the Power of Pinterest’s Pins

On our weekly wrap up call this past Friday, our CEO, Scott, tasked each of us with creating a Pinterest account if we didn’t already have one. Not a bad assignment! (…for certain Magateers already obsessed with the site’s incredibly appealing layout and constant stream of trends in the form of images.) But how did Scott envision this explosive new social media aiding Maga? As our company grows and our endeavors continue to diversify, Scott has recognized that Pinterest could serve as a captivating idea sharing tool.

Continue reading Pinfluencer: Unleashing the Power of Pinterest’s Pins