Google Earth reaches 1 billion

Google recently celebrated the one billionth download of their ‘Google Earth’ satellite imagery program. Over the past six years since the free program was released, it has become available for use on phones and tablets in addition to the original computer platform. What’s more, Google has created a OneWorldManyStories website to supplement Google Earth by offering a place for people to share their stories, ‘follow their dreams, discover new and distant places, or make the world a better place’ –according to VP of Engineering Brian McClendon. Continue reading Google Earth reaches 1 billion

Visual Dynamos

National Geographic is an inherently visual publication.  It was one of the earliest entities to use photography to tell stories and make an impact.  The publication’s legacy of images reminds us that despite the great strides made in the field of information design, some of the most powerful modes of communicating occur organically and when captured in photographs, communicate with unmatched power and clarity. Continue reading Visual Dynamos