Infographics on the Move

Maps were originally static, made to show something as it appeared. The height of a mountain or the coastline of an island wouldn’t change fast enough to warrant a dynamic map, and early mapping technology wouldn’t allow for it.

Tools to make and view moving maps are now available, however, and the subject matter covered in maps and infographics is well tailored to a fluid and changing form.

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Visualizing the World’s Internet Usage – Illegally

It seems like a paradox that a hacker would bother monitoring approximately half a million connected devices around the world out of sheer curiosity. But, there it is, the undeniable truth that a hacker recently measured 24 hours of internet access, producing a color coded, animated GIF to distinguish between higher and lower usage… just because.

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Evaluating the District’s Infrastructure

Keeping our systems and infrastructure maintained and running is vital to modern life.  The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) conducts evaluations on different types of infrastructure to determine what needs to be updated, rebuilt, etc.  They recently came out with this report on Washington, D.C.’s infrastructure. Continue reading Evaluating the District’s Infrastructure

What We’re Reading

In addition to the surplus of whiteboard surfaces, reading nooks, call rooms and festive decor (alright, maybe we love everything), one of the most popular features in the new Maga studio space is our library.  The incorporation of design, creative process, business and sociology literature has become an integral source of inspiration for the Maga crew. We’re fortunate that there is no shortage of thoughtful, design minded texts and we look forward to sharing our favorites with you!

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