Digital Fragmentation

Digital Life Fragmentation

When most people consider “fragmenting” they think of scattered files that slow down their computer. With everything becoming digital, this problem has become a part of life in respect to all personal files. Music, movies, documents, and even friends have become scattered into different media platforms. Humor blog, Doghouse Diaries has made a hobby out of breaking it down for us with comedic visualizations. Still, it’s exhausting to really wrap your mind around when there are so many different locations in which media could be stored, and the chart we feature today only covers some of the locations.

If everything were located in one spot, wouldn’t it save a great deal of time that we currently spend searching? You might say that it’s about time that everything were in one place. And you wouldn’t be alone. Google and Apple have taken some steps in the direction of compiling these different platforms, unfortunately neither has quite accomplished a total take over. Yet. For the time being, it seems as though the biggest road block is a fear of one company being able to access that amount of personal information. So… maybe fragmentation isn’t so bad after all?

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