Drawing Isn’t Just for Artists Anymore by Nicholas Duchesne

Writing, like it or not, is something that everyone has to deal with in the modern world. Whether it’s a school assignment, a text message or a business email, words have become the dominant form of communication in nearly every setting.

But what about drawing? Drawing not merely for artistic purposes, but to effectively communicate a point. Wired recently interviewed Michael Gough, head of experience design at Adobe, who lamented the general attitude towards drawing: it’s an artistic pursuit that only the talented should pursue. Instead, drawing is “as important a form of literacy as reading or writing,” Gough contends, something that should be taught to every kid growing up.

The biggest obstacle to a wide acceptance of drawing as a regular means of communication is the belief that drawing requires artistic talent. People are deemed to be talented artists at a young age and shuttled into artistic subjects, or are shepherded away into other subjects if their doodles aren’t immediately recognizable.

Yet just as an email doesn’t need to convey a deeper thematic meaning to be effective, a drawing need not be a masterpiece hung in the Louvre to be a worthwhile pursuit. Here at Maga our offices are filled with talented artists, yet most of the doodles on the whiteboards that make up our desks and walls are rough sketches. An art critic may not deem them to be “good” drawings, but they accomplish their purpose: to visualize and thus make understandable a complex issue, process or pattern.

Not a masterpiece by any means, but a valuable exercise nonetheless.
Not a masterpiece by any means, but a valuable exercise nonetheless.

So don’t be worried if your drawing doesn’t come out exactly as you envisioned. Most of the time, it isn’t the product that matters but the process. Grab a pencil, a marker, a stylus or a pastel. Sketch, scratch, draw or doodle whatever comes to mind, and new insights are on the way.

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