Google Globe Visualizes Search Volume by Language

This visual, a Google Chrome experiment, captures Google Search volumes by language around the globe.  If you go to the interactive site, you can rotate the globe and see the searches clustered by language in different countries and continents.


Clicking through the visual, you notice that the greatest concentration of searches occurs in the eastern half of the contintental U.S. and in Western Europe.  One can assume that the bright blue in the U.S. is English, and that the orange in the Americas is Spanish, the green is Portuguese, and so forth.

This presentation is both aesthetically appealing and fun to interact with.  The Independent notes how the bright colors on the black background highlight the areas with greatest internet access, and those with little to no internet access.  For example, much of Africa and Central Asia lack access.  However, the dark areas could also indicate where users prefer a search engine other than Google, or where the population is more sparse, as is certainly the case in the western half of the U.S.

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