Curt Richardson

Got Innovation?

OtterBox founder and innovation connoisseur Curt Richardson published an article for Inc. today which posits that strategic systems, processes and people are the core necessities for sustainable innovation. He makes the insightful case that each of these three areas require a conscious balance between out-of-the-box and one-size-fits-all thinking. Richardson has demonstrated the success of this perspective both through his cutting edge ‘protective case’ product line and company culture that bleeds corporate social responsibility. For instance their site highlights the following efforts:

“OtterBox supports charitable initiatives through several outlets including participating in and sponsoring events, selling “cause” cases, providing product donations and encouraging employee volunteerism. Additionally, in 2010, we launched our non-profit foundation, OtterCares, which supports youth education and empowerment initiatives.”

The company doesn’t simply limit innovative efforts to their core business but has leveraged it to help inspire their workforce and impact their community.  Still, Richardson admits that he relies on inspiration from historic leaders such as Leonardo da Vinci as a reminder of what innovation can achieve.

Have you achieved the right balance throughout your systems, processes and people? If not, Richardson leads us to believe that the solution may be a matter of motivation.

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