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Graphic Resumes

Check out these visual resumes we stumbled upon, assembled by Inspiration Feed.  They are a collection of resumes Designers have created world wide.  Because they are Graphic Designers, it makes perfect sense to demonstrate their craft in the vehicle they use to promote themselves and apply for jobs.

Here are a few examples:

The graphic nature of her resume draws you in, engaging you while showing off her design talents much more effectively than a standard text resume would have.

Another example:

The infographic style of this resume demonstrates its author’s savvy with design and layout.  It also is just plain more interesting to look at than a traditional resume!

Would you hire these people?  Their graphic resumes certainly make a more compelling case about their desire to be hired and their dedication to their field.   These resumes will certainly attract an HR person’s eye when glimpsed in a stack of black and white text resumes.  Perhaps visual resumes will become popular in other fields, as people become increasingly pressed for time and applicants are eager to make a greater impact on the person reviewing resumes.

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