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Literature Meets Logo Design

You have probably heard of Game of Thrones, the HBO series created from the books by George R. R. Martin, a fantasy world of families and Houses constantly struggling for and against power, with a few magic elements, as well.  If you are at all familiar with the series, you know that each House (aka family) has its own coat of arms, called a sigil, to which Martin refers in the books.

A top Nike designer, Darrin Crescenzi, a Game of Thrones fan,  combined two of his favorite things to create this poster, featuring sigils that he designed for all of the Houses of Westeros (the fictional land in which Game of Thrones takes place).

It is pretty impressive that he really made the sigils into a collection by giving them consistent style based on clean, illustrative lines to create the symbols of each House.  Even for the Houses the author describes in negative, sometimes frightening terms, Crescenzi is able to convey that sentiment in his designs:

This pair, for example, embody how George R.R. Martin describes them in his novels.  The Freys are often referred to as the Two Towers – featured  here in the sigil on the left – because they occupy two castles on either side of a river.   House Bolton, on the other hand, is viewed with fear and trepidation – of his design, based on Martin’s frequent descriptions, Crescenzi said “House Bolton’s pink and red ‘flayed man’ sigil pretty much screams psychopath.”

If you aren’t already into the series, the number of these sigils, as well as their symbolism, can make you appreciate the fantasy world Martin created and the complex character interactions he weaves.

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