Loosen Up!

As a college student, the perks around the office are one of the many reasons that Maga is a great place to be an intern. A waiting pot of coffee, a fridge stocked with drinks, and the wide open space of our studio all make me more than happy to ditch my dorm room for the day a few times a week.

This morning the comfort at Maga reached a whole new level, as the employees (and even the lowly intern) received massages. For short sessions this morning, each of us went to our back conference room, briefly transformed into a zen sanctuary. Met by soothing music and our wonderful masseuse, Betsy, we each received a sitting massage before returning to work, relaxed and recharged.


As the infographic below from MindBodyGreen shows, massages help everything from stress and headaches to flexibility and pain relief. And they’re quite popular, the American Massage Therapy Association estimates that the massage industry generates $12 billion in the United States.


Further research revealed that we’re not the only firm to offer massages at work. (Can you believe it?) A feature exploring Yahoo’s  new workplace policies that appeared in yesterday’s New York Times highlighted the influence of Google, a company known for their extravagant amenities. The article explains, “From Google’s perspective, lavish benefits do more than keep employees happy. A pleasant environment keeps them at work, draws them into the office on weekends and makes it easier for them to be productive when they are on site.”

The feature also references a more comprehensive review of other amenity-loving firms, aggregated by Mashable.

The Perks of Working at Google, Facebook, Twitter and More

Check out the full length graphic here for even more amenities the companies offer.

It’s safe to say, the employees here enjoyed the massages, and were sufficiently loosened up and ready to take on the rest of the week!

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