Maga at Design Thinking DC

Maga + Design Thinking DC

Our DC studio recently became big fans of the experience innovation and business collaboration meet up group, Design Thinking DC. This past Wednesday, Chris, Olivia and I attended their event in the creative web design agency, ncluds‘ awesome space downtown.

The format was a bit different from what I think we all anticipated but it provided us the opportunity to mingle and network in an uniquely open gathering — intended to get our creative juices flowing.  I personally learned a lot more about the “design thinking world,” and have come to the realization that there are actually a lot more earthlings in DC who think like Maga does!

Maga at Design Thinking DC

I also came to appreciate how visualization is much more than just a concept, but also a way of life — a lifestyle that only certain individuals, equipped with a creative skill set, pursue. While you can’t necessarily learn to be a visualizer, you can perfect it through simplifying and clarifying ideas.

I’m already looking forward to finding even more inspiration with Maga at upcoming Design Thinking DC events!

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