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Making it “Pretty”

At Maga, we have many designers in the studio and many people with an eye for design.  Some clients believe we take an idea and simply “make it pretty.”  However, design is far more than that.  Smashing Magazine’s Jason Gross addresses the perspective of design and visual beauty.  Designers work in a sphere that balances white space, ratios, color theory, typography and grid system to create usable content that works.

Gross says,  “The real value in design comes from what you can’t see or what you don’t appreciate; it comes from all of the trouble that you don’t have because we fixed it ahead of time. Thank goodness we know better: if we just made things pretty, all of our work would be in vain.”

He provided the juxtaposition of these websites as an example:

You only have to glance at these two websites to see the impact that spacing and typography have on the visual appearance of a site.

Graphic Design is a true balance of design and attractiveness.  Those designers who do not take the time to make their work “pretty” risk being passed over in a world of visually motivated people and peers who can appreciate the aesthetic design can offer.


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