Map O’ The Day #164 – Inevitable Capitalist Agenda

This awesome graphic assists one in understanding the two sides of the political spectrum, through an USA-centric viewpoint. I enjoy the flow between family and adults (parental type), as it adheres to a lot of work done by liberal writer George Lakoff. While some basic stereotypical language and views are presented here, the political philosophy, to this double-major in the respective areas, seems to be pretty spot-on, with very few exaggerations or misstatements.

Overall I thought this was very clean design, using some nice curved shapes to break up the boxiness / banner format that was chosen. And more kudos to the sihouetted simple four-color scheme.

This superb infographic hails from the new infographic book of visual exploria: The Visual Miscellaneum. Creative credit here goes to David McCandless & Stefanie Posavec.

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