Map O’ The Day #188 – The Giro d’Italia


The Giro d’Italia – the three-week Tour of Italy pro cycling race – begins this week. Here is a great graphic from, showing all of the race winners going back to the very first Giro in 1912 in the shape of Italy. The order is represented chronologically from the earliest in the south in Sicily, to the most recent in the north up on the Austrian border. The more wins the rider has, the bigger their names appear (the great Belgian, Eddy Merckx, rules the roost with five wins). The color coding is also very simple and smart; the typographic info is in the Italian tricolor set on a background of pink – the color of the race leader’s jersey, which harks back the pink newsprint pages of La Gazzetta Della Sport, the newspaper that created the Giro back in 1912.

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