Map O’ The Day #215 – Smart Grid

Today’s MOTD comes to us from US Infrastructure and is a depiction of the development of the smart grid. With the development of the smart grid business is changing for not only the electric companies, but the consumers themselves. While certain advances, like the smart meter, are meant to make electric use more efficient and cost effective some customers feel that the devices are just a way for these companies to charge higher rates. The following article, Preparing for Customers’ Smart Grid Pushback, written by my colleague Sheldon Reiffenstein for the Harvard Business Review, examines this issue.

Smart meters will let electricity customers monitor usage almost minute by minute, allowing them to adjust how much they consume and, theoretically at least, lower their utility bills. So why, after Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) installed a few thousand smart meters in the San Joaquin Valley in California, did customers in the summer of 2009 complain about bills soaring and at least one person sue? Read More

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