Map O’ The Day #33 – Jim Morrison’s Grave


In creating this map, the point was to drive home two truths of Maga’s maps, specifically, that maps work in systems and that maps are always about an outcome or goal. In this instance, your goal would be to find Jim Morrison’s grave, and as you can see, if taken by themselves, none of the maps would have you finding success in your journey. Rather, all the views of the information are necessary to understand your pathway.

Maga Design believes that whether you are implementing ERP or training your organization for a process change, that you will need a selection of maps that allow you to understand the true nature of the effort. This means presenting the active environment so as to provide stakeholders with easily identifiable challenges, (the flight to Paris from America would be the example used in today’s map), best pathways (making a left at grave 28 on the cemetery map), and an idea of what success looks like! (where’s the actual grave, what does it look like).

An interesting thing to spend a moment on with this info. graphic is the picture of a graffiti wall in the center. Maps are so natural to the way humans think that individuals took the time to make “road signs” throughout the cemetery to get to the hallowed burial site.

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