Map O’ The Day #70 – The Road To 200 Million

Today’s MOTD showcases the guilty pleasure that over 200 million people enjoy, Facebook.
Social networking is stronger and more alive than ever, but with the intervention of Twitter, Facebook has been forced to evolve to stay relevant. This map shows us in which market segments Facebook initially penetrated and where it is relevant today.

The graphs show that it started as a private network for schools and colleges with a very specific user age range from 18-24. The curve flattened, mostly between 2006 and 2007, but recently the mid thirties age range is experiencing the most growth, most likely for the original reason it was invented, to get/stay in touch with former high school and college friends.

The bottom graphics also do a good job of showing the dispersion and disconnect of ‘wall posts’ by not being overly complex.

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