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Map O’ The Week: Media Scares’ Global Deaths

This week’s Map comes from the Information is Beautiful blog.  In eye-catching, vivid hues, it shows the global deaths from the past decade’s media scare stories.

If you go to the site, you can click on different ways to manipulate the data.  For example, you can scale the data by fear instead of by total deaths, and you can change the perspective patterns, as well.

In this view, looking at the data according to total deaths and level patterns, some issues, such as killer wifi, (light blue) were not so lethal after all.  The swine (pink) and bird (yellow) flus, however, were much more serious.

When you click on each topic, it is hyper-linked to a Google Insights per Search page that provides data on interest by region, top search terms, and other supporting data for readers to explore.

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