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Maps as Social Media

There is a lot of internet flack regarding mapping applications on the iPhone operating system, with Google maps validated as the best option. Now, Mashable brings us news of Plotter, an iPhone app that allows users to capitalize on social media networking to get better information.

Plotter users can create customized views by plotting multiple places on a map.  These maps might consist of places they went on vacation, or places they routinely go in their own area.  Users can then share those maps with other users via facebook and twitter, and can even ask for input as to new places to go.

Plotter uses social media in a clever way to remember a vacation, for example – you could literally walk back through your trip abroad, or get recommendations for great places to eat and see when going on a new vacation.  It would also be useful in helping someone new to town quickly find restaurants, shops, etc.   Download it and give it a try on your next trip!



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