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One Tough Magateer

As summer slows down and the heat dies away we look back on the personal accomplishments of our Magateers, and holy cow are they cool!

This summer four of our own competed in athletic events (some fun and some endurance based) to test their own athletic ability.  We competed in everything from Triathlons to tutu wearing “Funky 5k” runs!  Here is a break down of the athletic feats of Maga Design.


A Triathlon is intimidating, and training for one is intense.  This summer one of our designers pushed it to the limit in a half triathlon of swimming, biking and running.  I know I’m not brave enough to even attempt this!  Awesome job, Steve!


Our new media coordinator isn’t only about electronics and tech toys.  He endured a ToughMudder, a 12 mile obstacle course run designed by the British Special Forces to test stamina.  The run included mud, fire, ice obstacles and a crawl through 10,00 volts of electricity.  Way to go, Tom, on this crazy accomplishment.


On slightly less harrowing feats, our research coordinator, Meredith, completed a “Funky 5k” in Utah over the summer.  We’re all about events that include costumes, sunshine and paddle boarding!  Her amazing race ensemble included a pink and black tutu.


This communication coordinator is all about the color, or the 5k Color Run.  She ran through a haze of blue, pink, yellow and green powder and emerged victorious.

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