Our Rooftop

We’ve mentioned our rooftop a few times in blog posts the past few weeks, and I think it deserves some explination.Our rooftop is a location we all gather around, we can work from the roof and it offers a beautiful view of D.C., but it’s more than just a place to sit and talk.  To us the rooftop really represents our worldview.  We have a global worldview and we like to see the big picture before we take on the smaller one.  It’s easy to do this from the roof in Adams Morgan where all the historic monuments are in front of us, but we do this in the way we think about and create mapping visualizations as well.

When we create maps for clients we really get a sense of who they are as a company and how they function as a whole before digging into the deeper, individual levels and functioning.  By starting at a larger level and working in we collect all data and pertinent information about how and why operations are performed a certain way.

The rooftop is also a constant movement toward the next generation of mapping and enhancing the client experience with Maga’s Maps.

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