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Pinfluencer: Unleashing the Power of Pinterest’s Pins

On our weekly wrap up call this past Friday, our CEO, Scott, tasked each of us with creating a Pinterest account if we didn’t already have one. Not a bad assignment! (…for certain Magateers already obsessed with the site’s incredibly appealing layout and constant stream of trends in the form of images.) But how did Scott envision this explosive new social media aiding Maga? As our company grows and our endeavors continue to diversify, Scott has recognized that Pinterest could serve as a captivating idea sharing tool.

For those of you not familiar with the site, the format is such that users can create themed ‘boards’ and ‘pin’ images of things they like on various webpages which, when clicked, will take the users’ Pinterest followers to the original source. Followers then have the option to ‘like,’ ‘repin’ or comment on the images of the people in their network that appear on their ‘feed.’

There is no doubt that this process can greatly enhance the brainstorms or collaborations that our team engages in throughout various stages of both internal and external projects. Pinterest is conducive to initiating conversation around thought-provoking products or ideas and the clean layout makes it easy to sort through and integrate other users’ pins.

Beyond what Pinterest can do for Maga, today marks an important milestone of how the site can also transform retail opportunities for major businesses and organizations. Meet Pinfluencer, the first big-data analytics / CRM tool of its kind that allows businesses to measure and take advantage of the data generated by pins and repins. Today’s press release explained:

Pins are the new hyperlinks and every pin is a distribution opportunity. To capitalize on this emerging opportunity, we created a beautifully visual CRM that helps companies intelligently identify and build relationships with brand advocates to unleash the power of pins.

The video above further explains the implications Pinfluencer has on the future of how businesses interact with Pinterest. So what do you think? Have you been pinfluenced by Pinterest?

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