Pintrest Infographic

Today’s infographic comes from FastCompany author Cliff Kuang.  The graphics below look at the statistics behind Pintrest and its massive influencing power.  Since their beta launch in 2010, Pintrest has gained a multi-million person user base, attracting mostly females aged 25 to 44 who spend an average fifteen-minutes on Pintrest each log on.  So why is this relatively new website attracting over 1.9 billion page views per month? The fast adoption of Pintrest has catapulted it to international awareness.  In two short years it has risen from beta to a hugely influential website that has the power to inspire women and has boosted e-commerce sales by 50% more than Twitter or Facebook.

Do you see Pintrest becoming a media giant like Facebook or burning out after such a fast rise to the top of the social media food chain?  

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