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PowerPoint Must Die – Switzerland’s New Political Party

Here at Maga, we say that PowerPoint is a terrible presentation model that puts people to sleep instead of inspiring them to innovate.  In Switzerland, a new political party is based on just that idea, the Anti-PowerPoint Party.

As this article from explains, the party seeks to kill PowerPoint by demonstrating exactly how much money is wasted on the tool.  They calculate that the equivalent of $2.5 billion is wasted annually, a figure based on estimates of how many hours employees waste viewing PowerPoint presentations, like the slide below, each year.

The Anti-PowerPoint Party hopes to ban the use of PowerPoint and other presentation software across Switzerland, and seeks to have their website translated into as many languages as volunteers will translate.

Others who have spoken out against PowerPoint include data visualizer Edward Tufte, and thought leader Seth Godin – both feel, like the Anti-PowerPoint Party, that the tool is hurting the workforce and is antithetical to how people think.

As the party so eloquently shows in this photograph, it’s time for PowerPoint to be laid to rest.

The party’s suggested alternative to PowerPoint is using a simple flip chart, arguing that it enables the natural flow of ideas and stimulates creativity, much like Maga’s graphic recording methodology.  How do you feel about PowerPoint?  What alternatives have you found successful?

One thought on “PowerPoint Must Die – Switzerland’s New Political Party”

  1. I think the whole anti-PP movement is misguided. The problem isn’t with the software mostly, it’s how we use it. I’ve had formal and informal training on great ways to use the Microsoft suite that are completely different than how we mostly see it used. This wasn’t a Tufte-blessed class. It was a group of people who are creative and innovative with the tools they have at their disposal. I think the movement should assess whether it’s PP it hates or if it’s how the software is used. If it is the latter, then Microsoft and the users should change the culture with better tutorials and inspiring creations like you guys do every day.

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