Psychology of Color

Color plays a large part in how we think about and view everything in our world.  Colors can mean different things in different countries.  In the United States it is very common for women to wear white to a wedding because it represent purity, however in India women traditionally wear red and gold at weddings because white represents mourning and is considered a funeral color.

This idea of colors portraying ideas and feelings was something we wanted to encompass in our brand.  Maga recently underwent a re-branding and changed our signature color from red to blue.  We realized that a large part of who we are and how people think about us is linked to how we portray ourselves through our logo.  Blue is considered a very serene, inspiring color, it is not invasive and is thought to motivate and encourage productiveness.  We wanted to utilize those color associations with the Maga feel.  This info graphic gives you an idea of what to take into consideration when it comes to picking colors.  Colors are so basic, yet they symbolize so much.  Our entire culture is based off feels and ideas associated with color choices.  What feelings and emotions does your logo inspire?

The Psycology of Color is an infographic by Painters of Louisville and designed by

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