Remembering Steve Jobs – Be a Design Obsessive

The reason that people like, make that LOVE something, and they aren’t really even sure why … that’s design.  It is so funny to me that from the moment we had a mouse driven Mac 1 in 1984 to the multi-color iMACs 15 years later, the basic recipe of very clean, intuitive and highly professional design and its ensuing revenue generation has not been a focus for more companies.  One really can’t look at the sea of PC laptops in their shades of dull gray and black, compared to the unibody machined aluminum of the MacBook, and not quickly conclude which product has more design dollars built in as a percentage of product cost. 

So, we all know that though design wins in so many products and services in our world, it is the first thing to be short-changed, cut out, and eliminated from the equation of so many projects and organizations.  Design is thought to be subjective, but design principles are black and white.

Usability stems from design.  It facilitates productivity and reduces time dedicated to support and training.  Support and training are big cost and revenue drivers no matter what industry you are in, and design is at the heart of all of these.  Design is not frosting, it’s not a “nice to have” – and the winning products in nearly every category teach the laggards this lesson time and time again.  Maga Design was founded on this premise – and it is the philosophy we spend all day, every day, sharing with our customers. It is simply our calling – our purpose.